#womenmakingwaves — First Baby Born in a Health Facility After Water Tank Built


Meet Baby Gloria. She was the first baby born in Sisokhe Dispensary (clinic) in Kakamega, Kenya. Global Women’s Water Initiative’s partners and trainees from Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation built rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks at the dispensary because there was no water available. Normally, when a heath service required water, the nurses would have to walk far distances just to treat the patient, so you can imagine how few people they could treat. After the tanks were built, not only did the dispensary increase it’s health services for patients, it could start offering birth delivery services including pre-natal and post natal care. Gloria’s father had heard that the dispensary had water, so when his wife Aysha went into labor, he brought her to the clinic — which was not an option when they had their first 3 babies. In the first 2 months, the dispensary had delivered 18 babies! The 18th baby was born when they were filming a documentary featuring the work of our amazing women (LINK TO VIDEO). WATER IS LIFE. INDEED.

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